Are you taking good care of your feet?

April is Foot Health Awareness Month. Are you taking good care of your feet? Many of the foot and ankle injuries physicians see in the spring and summer result from overactivity.

People are generally less active during the winter months and the weather warms, they want to rush into outdoor activities such as running without easing themselves back into exercise gradually.

Here are some tips on foot care from two foot and ankle specialists at the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, Drs. Kyle Fiala and Ben Summerhays.

  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes. The soles should have some flexibility, but you shouldn’t be able to fold them to the point the toe can touch the heel.
  • For physical activity, choose shoes that allow your feet to breathe and sweat to evaporate.
  • Check that your shoes fit properly. There should be approximately a thumb-width of space between your toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Exercise your toes by picking up a ball or a sock with them. Toe strength is important to your balance and propulsion as you walk and run.
  • Stretch your feet and ankles. Try to outline the alphabet with your feet, or stand on an incline to stretch your Achilles’ tendon.

“Like the rest of the body, your feet adjust to the amount and type of activity you do,” Fiala said. “If you’re new to running, or you have taken it easy for a few months, set a goal to gradually build your speed and distance over time. Don’t jump into your first week by sprinting or running several miles. That’s something you can build up to over the course of several weeks.”

Missouri Orthopaedic Institute TriZou Triathlon – May 5, 2013

MOI TriZouSponsored by Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, TriZou traditionally kicks off the multisport season in Columbia. Two events are offered that day. A short course duathlon the “DuZou” is a 1 mile run, 7 mile bike and 1 mile run. The sprint trialthon “TriZou” is a 400 meter pool swim, 14 mile bike and 3 mile run. Read more about the TriZou Triathlon.

Watch a video from last year’s event and register today!

MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital Go Girl Run – May 25, 2013

Go Girl RunWomen’s and Children’s Hospital is proud to be the title sponsor for the UltraMax Sports Go Girl Run again this year. Join us on Saturday, May 25 to help celebrate women, health and fitness, and ultimately support several women-centered charities in the area.

Watch a video about the event and sign up today!

Meet the Heart of the Tiger Steps to a Healthier Heart Participants

Five teams of four participated in the Heart of the Tiger Steps to a Healthier Heart Challenge. The winner will be announced tonight at the University of Missouri women’s basketball game against South Carolina in Mizzou Arena. Meet the five teams that braved the cold and snow to tally more than 3.6 million steps.

Red Hot Tickers
Janelle Lutz, Heather Ottinger, Jeannie Hayward and Stephanie Parsons know each other through a local Facebook fitness group. Though they can rarely meet at the same place at the same time, they “virtually” walk together, checking in every day to encourage each other in their fitness goals. The Red Hot Tickers have 11 kids total, so they take steps where they can find them, whether by taking laps while the kids are at practice, parking far from the grocery store or playing with their kids. They each have weight loss goals, and they hope to use the Steps to a Healthier Heart Challenge to give them an extra push through to the finish line. They are training for various 5Ks this year, and two team members want to complete the Go Girl Run half-marathon this spring.

Heather Demand, Miranda Fernandez, Katy Bridgeman and Angel Cooper teach at a preschool in Columbia and want to set a good example for their students. They want to stay healthy so they can keep up with preschoolers throughout their entire careers. When the weather is nice, they will hold “walking meetings,” and walk around the neighborhood during team meetings rather than sit at a desk. The team ran the Black and Gold run together, and between the four of them they will run various 5Ks, a half- marathon and complete the Tri-Zou in 2013. They want to prove to the next generation that you can be any age, shape or size and be involved in physical activities and healthy lifestyles

Sweethearts for Healthy Hearts
Monica and Ted Korba and Jackie and Tim Albers have been friends and neighbors for nearly four years. Jackie and Monica have trained for multiple events together, starting with the Roots N Blues N BBQ 10K three years ago, which both plan to run in 2013. Ted is training for a half marathon, and Tim is hoping to finish with a sub-three-hour marathon in the 2013 Chicago Marathon. Aside from running, both couples of sweethearts get steps in by being active with their children. Monica works as a nurse, and her time on the cardiac surgery floor has shown her first-hand how keeping your heart healthy can impact your life, as well as the life of your family. Both Jackie and Tim have a family history of heart disease, so being proactive about heart health makes sense for them.

Stepping for Recovery
Tony Rigdon, Andrew Taegel, Shawn Goertz and Kyle Riley are all connected to Phoenix Programs, Inc., a drug and alcohol counseling center that encourages exercise and physical activity to help recover from addiction. All four are active runners, having completed marathons, triathlons and 50-plus-mile endurance runs. They are motivated to keep their hearts healthy through vigorous exercise and healthy living, as well as keeping spiritually and emotionally healthy hearts.

Tamala Anderson, Ashley Hester, Melody Derendinger and Janet Murphy work together at House of Brokers Realty Inc. They will sometimes take a 20-30 minute break in the afternoon to get in some steps. The women say that though they have different shapes, sizes and backgrounds, they know that heart disease does not discriminate, and being proactive about health is one way they can increase the likelihood of keeping their hearts healthy for years to come. They each know someone who has been affected by heart disease, and The HeartBrokers hope an active lifestyle can prevent heart issues.